Mahogany Springs Camp

Set back on the pristine waters of the Munyanga River and facing the Impenetrable forest, Mahogany Springs is an ideal setting to begin your unforgettable experience with the gorillas of Bwindi. All seven rooms are suites with large double doors and beautiful windows. Each suite has its own private terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding area. There are electrical outlets in the rooms as well as a dressing table/desk. All suites have large en-suite bathrooms with an open terracotta shower. Mosquito nets are available for added comfort and peace of mind. 

In the main dining area enjoy an a la carte menu providing endless dining options and a wide range of cuisines to cater to all palates. Head chef Subedi has been cooking in top hotels for over 15 years and his food combines flavours from all over the world, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and European. For an extremely memorable dining experience Mahogany Springs offers a private bush breakfast or dinner by the river (subject to availability, pricing on request)