Terri Bayless, Kenya

Tanzania: a lot of adventure!

WOW! Where do I begin? Culture shock! Well, some things were better than expected and some things (namely roads) were worse. Our accommodations were better than expected and the food was fantastic. It was the rainiest December they have ever had and this created some unexpected conditions.

Apparently the weather actually worked to our advantage as our guide couldnt believe the wildlife opportunities that came our way. I saw the big 5: lion, leopard, elephant, cape buffalo and the rhino. I was able to photograph the first 4. I took somewhere around 1200 photos.

One cultural experience was going to a real Maasai village and watching their dancing and singing and a tour of their home. Another was when I tagged along on a hunt with the bushmen. This was a tough day. I photographed them killing their meal with a bow and arrow, cooking it on a fire with the fur still on and then eating everything except the intestines.

The last night we had a monsoon. The first airport we were to fly out of was closed, the road to the second one was completely impassable and the third choice wasn't looking too good either. Flooding created rivers where none existed the day before, washed out bridges and drowned hippos. But our driver got us through it all! After 6 hours we made it to an airport that would get us out of the bush to begin my return trip that would finally find me at home another 38 hours later. There were a lot of adventures, many awesome, a few rough, but that is what made it such a great trip.

READER'S NOTE: Although December 2006 was one of the rainiest year's end on record, typically it is an excellent time to travel in East Africa.