Sydney Munger, Tanzania

Our best four weeks of travel experiences ever!

We had what we consider to be our best four weeks of travel experiences ever and we have traveled a lot.

Our guide was Joe Sarwatt and he was a perfect fit for us. We appreciated his knowledge of the parks, the animals, the people, and the birds. We loved his sense of humor and skill in getting the best positions for photography.

We really enjoyed all of the places where we stayed. Our favorite was the mobile camp in the Serengeti. If we were to make the trip again, we would probably choose to spend more time in the Serengeti (3 -4 months would be good). I guess I would have to join the staff but I don't know if I could create such fantastic meals in their kitchen.

The food was amazingly delicious in all three locations. We stayed at Maramboi, The Farmhouse, and a shared mobile camp in the Serengeti. The salads and fresh fruits were our favorite foods. The meals at the mobile camp in the Serengeti were truly amazing as was the service provided by the staff. I want to specifically mention Leonard who was the head guy while we were there. He was very professional in his role as head - waiter and was also very willing to help us with our Swahili lessons.

We enjoyed the Serengeti the most because there were very few people and lots of animals. The experience of living in a simple, comfortable tent, in the midst of the animals was a joy for both of us. The impala moved through the camp each morning and early evening, the hippos came out of the river at night and we could hear them walking by the tent, the zebra were very vocal at night and we could hear the lions roaring. On the last day we were visited by a Baboon family.

We loved the routine of getting up before sunrise, having delicious coffee, juice, and cookies before heading out to see what was happening that morning. We saw something new each of our 4 days in the Serengeti and were treated to several days of watching the daily lives of a lion pride with about 5 adult females and two males and 5 cubs ? two of which were just a few weeks old.

Then we came back for brunch, which included everything from eggs to pizza and of course fresh tropical fruit and Farmhouse Coffee. And then the lovely practice of an afternoon siesta ? napping, reading, writing and quiet conversation, in the shade and gentle breezes of the lounge area tent.

And then as the sun was getting less intense we went out again, in Joe's words, "to see how's going to be?" The Tsetse flies tried their best to discourage us but a good application of Deet seemed to work quite well. We left about 3:30 and got back to camp about 6:00 as the sun was setting. The animals of the Serengeti treated us to many glimpses of their lives. We have 2000 photos to prove it! A hot camp shower followed by a very cold beer while seated by the campfire were the perfect end to a perfect day. (Followed by a delicious meal of course) and then there was the night time symphony. Amazing!?