Chada Katavi

From the air, you have to look carefully to spot the camp and you'll find your eyes are immediately drawn to such wide open spaces and less to the detail; that's the promise of Katavi, total absorption into the natural world. Chada Katavi is stylish and wonderfully comfortable, but they share all the resources here with Katavi's animals and so they've ensured that their footprint remains light. There are just six tents, raised up on wooden platforms on the edge of the Chada Plain. They have wide-open fronts and lots of shade net windows to let in the passing breeze. The en-suite bathrooms are at the side, also on platforms, and have eco-flush toilets and an urn of cool water to refresh yourself. Safari style bucket showers are the best thing there, tried and tested and we can think of no better way to wash off the Katavi dust than under one of these. The game is everywhere in Katavi. So much so in fact, that you often don't have to leave your tent veranda to see all kinds. Elephant are frequent visitors, attracted to the same shady fruit trees as us, and vast herds of buffalo graze on the flood plain, sometimes right in front of camp. Photos courtesy Chada Katavi.