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Although our Tanzania African safaris will take you on game drives in the renowned game parks of Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Lake Manyara and the Serengeti National Park, we’ll also venture to more remote areas of Maasailand, places where few tourists roam. Our Tanzania adventures are skillfully crafted to maximize wildlife experiences and create authentic encounters with the native peoples of Africa. On our Tanzania tours, climb scenic and less-traveled routes up Mt. Kilimanjaro, or shed the safari dust and visit the white sand beaches of the spice island of Zanzibar. Keep your camera close by your side as we explore Tarangire, the third largest national park in Tanzania and a habitat that supports giraffe, buffalo, zebra, lion, leopards, cheetahs, elephants and more. You may also encounter nomadic bushmen who still hunt using bow and arrows and gather roots, tubers and wild fruits, or visit the semi-nomadic Datoga tribe and share a few hours with the tribeswomen – admire their fat-treated, goatskin gowns and witness the tradition of face and body carving to increase physical attractiveness.

Many of the exclusive lodges and tent camps we use are located on isolated, private lands or concessions inside or near national parks. Our Sinya and Tarangire campsites are leased from the Maasai people, directly benefiting those who lead us on bushwalks and share their ancient traditions and intimate relationships with the land and animals. Join one of our scheduled luxury African tours or have us design a custom itinerary for your private group or family based on your interests, budget, travel style and available dates. Having trouble choosing an African safari? Let our program directors make some suggestions.

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