Hugo Frank, Namibia

Make A Wish Wildland Adventure

I bonded with that cheetah! - I saw so much wildlife and met a lot of nice and fun people including locals. I saw giraffe, lion, rhinoceros, desert adapted elephant, many different kinds of antelope, cheetahs, and much, much more. The Namibians are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. I hiked up the biggest dune in the world, which the locals call "big daddy." My dad did it with me. I went sand boarding in Swakopmund where you can get speeds up to 50+ mph. We tracked rhino on foot at a place called Ongava which is right in the middle of the bush. A lion slept outside our tent one night, about 10 meters away. It woke us up by calling to its family. Lions came a few feet to the jeep when we went on a safari. We played with an little elephant that loved the jeep, and got charged by the bigger ones. And finally I got to hang, so to say, with some cheetahs. I watched them do speed training, fed them, and best of all, ran with one and played with it. It began to really like me and felt comfortable around me. It would come and rub up against me and purr. I think I bonded with that cheetah! The owners of the place said I was a "natural" with cheetahs. Youre not supposed to crouch or get lower than them because then you look small and vulnerable, but that cheetah liked me enough that I could LIE down near it! My trip was great and I cant thank you enough.