Giving Back

Travelers Conservation Trust Program: Save the Rhino Trust

When you travel to Namibia you help support the Save the Rhino Trust, who work to protect the desert-adapted black rhino in order to ensure security for these and other wildlife species, a protected habitat, and a sustainable future for local communities long into the future.  Save the Rhino Trust is a leader in working with and offering incentives to communities to share in the long-term benefits of successful conservation strategies. Black Rhino conservation continues to provide benefits through sustainable eco-tourism on community land, thereby increasing livelihood opportunities and incentives for local people to improve conservation measures. Save the Rhino Trust works with Government facilitating black rhino conservation initiatives, unifying the local communities, NGOs, donors and other national and international partners to ensure the long-term survival of the species, the wilderness, and the people.

The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] is an affiliate non-profit program of Wildland Adventures which gives our travelers the opportunity to support conservation and help indigenous communities at a local level worldwide.