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Malawi, the 'warm heart of Africa’ offers the adventurous vacationer a distinctive African experience. This long, narrow, landlocked country in southeastern Africa is dominated by beautiful Lake Malawi and its tropical shoreline. The southern portion of the lake is recognized by UNESCO as the world’s first freshwater National Park. Our itineraries include kayaking among rocky outcroppings, snorkeling or SCUBA diving in crystal clear water amid Cichilid fish and relaxing on pristine sandy beaches. In addition to the lake, Malawi’s eleven national parks and game reserves protect diverse habitats found in its towering mountains and lush valley floors. Malawi is especially appealing as an add-on to any safari in Botswana or Zambia or for anyone with a special interest in culture. There are many opportunities to interact with friendly Malawians as you learn about their subsistence farming and fishing culture through school, market and village visits. With direct flights to Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, from London, Johannesburg or Zambia it is easy to combine a visit to this little known treasure with many other African destinations.

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