Mike Stone, Kenya

It's all about personal connection for our family

Its all about personal connection for our family. We took an incredible adventure to Kenya, East Africa with Wildland Adventures (Maasailand Safari, July 2005) and learned about the real life of the Maasai people. On that trip we met our guide, Meitamei Dapash, who became a true friend to our family. That friendship solidified the personal aspect of our trip while he was teaching and showing us the Maasai way. Several months after our trip, Meitamei visited our family in Oklahoma and we learned about a need to improve the conditions at his home school. Having 2 teachers in our family, our love of schools led us to the desire to help the schools in Maasailand. Through Meitameis guidance and the non-profit Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition, we were able to help purchase construction materials to build on to the school and improve conditions for the students and teachers. We plan to continue to help improve those conditions in any way we can.

Fortunately, the following summer (2006) we were able to return to Kenya and see the improvements at the school. Both of our children returned for two months that summer to donate their time working one at the Elephant Research Facility in Amboseli, and the other at the Seina School in the Mara. We joined them at the end of their adventure and toured the school our donation built. It was a very moving experience for us to see how we had helped. The people were so warm and thankful. Our family is forever tied to Africa and will continue to help in any way we can. We will forever have a part of Africa in our hearts.