Maasailand Safari - Trip of the Year 2005


Outside Magazine (February 2005) has selected our Maasailand Safari as the winner of the ''Best Africa Trip of the Year''. Described as a ''safari-with-a-conscience'', our Maasailand Safari was distinguished from other African trips for its remarkable game viewing in the Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Parks combined with meaningful encounters with native Maasai through interactive school and village visits. Organized in partnership with the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition, the highlight according to Outside: ''Searching for game on foot with a Massai warrior in the Sinya bushlands littered by giant elephant dung.'' Wildland Adventures was also recognized in the same issue of Outside in another article entitled, ''Giving Large,'' as a leader in philanthropic travel for giving back and making a difference in conservation and community development.