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The enormous cultural diversity and unique traditional practices make travelling in and around Ghana a pleasurable adventure to undertake and behold. Formally known as the Gold Coast, Ghana was one of the first African Colonies to come under British rule. In 1957 it became the first country south of the Sahara Desert to gain independence. The 540km coastline of Ghana is dotted with colonial slave forts and castles. This is an unpleasant but unforgettable reminder to its dark history. Ghana’s population of 24 million is extremely diverse. There are at least 68 ethnic compositions within the 5 main ethnic groups, Ewe, Akan, Guan, Ga, Adangbe and Gonja with most hailing from the Northern tribes. These groups are also a combination of different tribes. With such a wide range of different people, it is no wonder that Ghana has at least 75 different dialects and languages. All these tribes and ethnic groups have unique cultural and traditional practices that are centuries old. These and the mode of celebrations and traditional beliefs serve to distinguish them from each other. With Sea, Sand and Sunshine, the stunning coconut lined near deserted white sand beaches, the wild multi – faceted southern upper guinea tropical rainforest with a myriad of birds and flora, moving steadily northwards to the Sahelian Savannah plains with its game and wildlife, Ghana’s diversity of landscape is difficult to beat or equal. 

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