About Ethiopia

Travel to Ethiopia, an ancient African land where legend and history are deeply entwined. Ethiopia and the neighboring region of Eritrea, known for much of modern history as Abyssinia, are now two independent nations populated by proud and elegant peoples who collectively call themselves Habisha. In the isolated corner of Ethiopia, perched on the Horn of Africa highland plateau, on a Wildland Adventure tour through this fascinating land you’ll learn about this distinctive society’s local customs, languages, dress, unique social structures and diverse and ancient religious traditions (Ethiopia is home to one of the oldest Christian nations on Earth, with Judaic rituals that predate Roman Christianity). And bestowed with all the charm, mystery and fascination adventurers seek, our Ethiopia tours explore the region’s many lakes, rivers and mountain peaks, visit the subterranean churches of Lalibela where you’ll meet the chanting priests and venture into the heart of the Omo Valley and its many native tribes.

An Ethiopia tour with Wildland is a skillfully crafted adventure enriched with authentic cultural exchanges, in-depth explorations and surprises that are sure to intrigue and delight. Your comfort and safety, as well as minimum impact on cultures and environments, are-top-of-mind while traveling in Ethiopia– when we venture into remote villages and churches, we’ll exercise the utmost respect by honoring the practices and traditions in place. While cultural exchanges and sustainable tourism are still being shaped in Ethiopia, Wildland strives to create an earnest and respectful interaction with Ethiopia’s people. Pick from one of our predesigned trips for small groups or families or have us customize an Ethiopia vacation just for you.

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