Kanana Camp

Kanana is a hidden jewel set on the Xudum River in the southwest Okavango Delta. The area encompasses a necklace of islands dotted with palms, figs, ebony, and knob thorn trees, and is home to myriad of birds, plants, and animals. The nature of the habitat means it is the perfect place to experience the diversity of species found within the Okavango Delta. Situated in a private concession a wide variety of activities are available at Kanana. Your Professional Guide will assist you in planning your days to best explore the area. Game drives in specially designed vehicles take place in the morning and late afternoon, and further into the evening on night drives. Alternatively you may explore the crystal clear waterways by Mokoro or motorboat, and enjoy the magnificent variety of birds, plant, and reptile species found in the area. Birding in the area is superb; Kanana hosts a heronry that teems with activity from July to December and converts all visitors to avid ‘twitchers’ at first sight. Guided walks are highly recommended in this pretty area, as well as fishing for tilapia, African pike, and sharp tooth catfish to name but a few.