Travelers Against Plastic

Travelers Against Plastic: 

Wildland is a proud supporter and co-founder of TAP, a non-profit initiative encouraging travelers to bring a reusable water bottle when they travel. Millions of water bottles get discarded all around the world each year, and as travelers we have the responsibility to protect and conserve the amazing destinations we visit.

The TAP Campaign is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottle usage and encourage travelers to be prepared to clean their own drinking water. Our vision is to catalyze a self-sustaining global movement resulting in the near-elimination of travelers’ dependence on plastic water bottles.

Did you know?
• In the US alone: making bottles of water out of plastic takes more than 1.5 million barrels of oil every
year, enough to fuel 100,000 American cars for a year.
• Eighty-six percent of single-use plastic water bottles become landfill or litter in the US and in many
countries that number is higher.

Do your part to promote sustainable water use! We encourage our travelers to take the pledge to travel responsibly and bring a water bottle and water treatment strategy. Visit Travelers Against Plastic and take the TAP Pledge.