Anne Kutay

Vice-President of Wildland Adventures. Over decades of professional adventure travel experience she has designed and led dozens of family adventures and women’s rejuvenation retreats. She also works in the office to assure consistency and quality control across all Wildland destinations. Prior to her Wildland Adventures in Costa Rica, Turkey, Panama, Belize, East Africa, Peru, and Brazil, Anne worked summers in Yellowstone National Park and spent winters exploring and guiding groups throughout Mexico for 8 years. Anne is also a jewelry designer. She loves to prepare international cuisine for friends and family, and is always ready to hike, kayak, and go extreme dog-walking with her Tibetan Mastiff rescue dog, Romeo. Anne and Kurt have a daughter, Kelly Ohman, who works in the office (you can’t miss the resemblance), a grandchild, and a young son, Tarek, who travels around the world and currently attends Franklin College in Switzerland.

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