Tanzania. Serengeti Family Holiday Safari


Travel to Tanzania offers a great variety of safari lodges and tent camps. With the exception of our lighter and simpler private mobile camps, all our Tanzania safari tents are deluxe, full-service tents with flooring, table and chairs, washbasin, mattress beds, en-suite hot shower and flush toilet. Many camps are situated on lands leased from Maasai communities who work in the camps, lead walks in the bush, and directly benefit from our visits.
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"Seeing the animals was a bigger treat than I’d imagined – so many, and moving so freely and serenely in their home environments. But beyond that, the interactions with Tanzanians were immensely moving and informative, including with our driver. I feel 100% confident that I could not have picked a better group for our son's African adventure." - Camille Kurtz, VA