Wildland's Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica featured in "The New York Times"


New York TimesAlready ranked by National Geographic Adventure magazine as one of "The Best New Trips for 2010," Wildland's Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure was featured in The New York Times travel section on Sunday April 4th.

Gisela Williams's article notes that "for years, careful travelers and tour operators avoided the region thanks to its reputation as a frenetic, rough-and-tumble kind of place. . . a boom of new restaurants and hotels catering to a more sophisticated traveler has softened the edges some. And upscale tour operators like Wildland Adventures have decided that the Caribbean Costa Rican coast is now safe enough to begin tours in the area."

Wildland President Kurt Kutay says "Grettel Calderon (Wildland's Central American specialist) and I have been discussing this trip for a long time. She was able to make an extensive survey of the region after not having been there for some time herself. We avoided it for our tour operations until recently because it has always been more of a destination for backpacker and independent travelers with a moderate level of infrastructure. But today, while the region is still "off-the-beaten-track" by virtue of its isolation, it has managed to retain its bohemian character while adding creature comforts. There are now lovely boutique ecolodges and improved infrastructure, leading to a wider range of travelers including families. With so many outdoor activities for young people and opportunities for true cultural encounters, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is truly and undiscovered gem for travelers of all kinds"