Wildland partners with SEE Turtles in Costa Rica


See Turtles Wildland has partnered with turtle conservation organization SEE Turtles on our Undiscovered Caribbean Costa Rica Adventure tour. Working with SEE Turtles, Wildland and our travelers are helping support and promote habitat conservation and responsible tourism in Costa Rica. This award-winning eco-tour, explores the isolated lowland rainforests and white sand Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica and includes an evening beach walk where we look for leatherback sea turtles nesting in the sand. You will stand just a few feet away from a massive 1,000 pound leatherback turtle while she lays 80-100 eggs, covers up her nest, tosses sand to throw off predators, and finally returns to the sea after more than an hour.

See Turtle baby, credit Neil OsborneGoing beyond the ecotourism mantra of "leave only footprints", SEE Turtles suggests that tourists should make a positive impact through conservation tourism. Conservation tourism supports communities protecting sea turtles by increasing the income needed for local conservation efforts, providing economic alternatives to end their threats and inspiring travelers to take a more active role in their protection. SEE Turtles is a conservation tourism project that links people with turtle sites in ways that directly support protection efforts, while increasing resources in communities to help residents thrive and value sea turtles in their environment. SEE Turtles is a project of The Ocean Foundation.