Wildland founder Kurt Kutay interviewed for Everett Potter's Travel Report


Everett PotterTravel blogger and journalist Everett Potter interviewed Kurt Kutay recently and these two adventure travel nuts had a lot to talk about! 

"Wildland Adventures might be described as a blue chip adventure travel company. They were taking people to remote places in the early 1980′s, a time when the concept of “adventure travel” was in its infancy. Founder Kurt Kutay continues to “keep it wild” today, with adventurous trips with a deeply cultural component that connects travelers to the people, not just the place. I caught up with Kurt not long ago in New York City.

Everett Potter: Kurt, what are three of your favorite places on earth, places where you’d gladly drop everything and go this afternoon?

Kurt Kutay: To a hillside thatched roof bungalow of Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica where I’d sit in the hammock overlooking the “Pan Dulce” beach break watching the birds fly by waiting for the tide to rise until just the right time to surf the warm tropical waves.

To kick around the neighborhoods of Istanbul, dining at a seaside restaurant on the Bosphorus, having a sunset cocktail at a rooftop bar overlooking the Golden Horn and then hitting a local café with lively gypsy music with a clarinet and violin!

Eating, drinking, hiking and biking our way throughout the northern Adriatic, together with the love of my life, through regions we’ve never explored together."

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