Wild Anniversary Adventures



Wildland 25th Anniversary Our series of Wild Anniversary Adventures feature a combination of classic Wildland adventures and exploratory expeditions to new destinations. Each of these trips will be escorted by Wildland founders and directors, Kurt and Anne Kutay, or by one of our destination-expert Program Directors. In addition, you'll be led by the best in the business - our top guides who consistently receive the best reviews from our travelers. You'll be treated like family while staying in our favorite ecolodges, safari camps and local boutique hotels. And we'll deliver those unique, often spontaneous experiences which have made the last 25 years of Wild travel so much fun - private access to special cultural sites, personal encounters with local families and communities, local music and dance, culinary and wine experiences, and visits by special guest experts in history, culture, nature or conservation. Like all Wildland Adventures, these exceptional journeys will present opportunities to reflect on the many places, people and experiences that bring so much meaning to our lives through travel.

Join us and explore the Wild world in 2012! Most of our 2012 Anniversary Adventures have sold out but there is space remaining on the following departures.

Galapagos Land and Sea Safari

There's only one cabin remaining on this special land and sea Galapagos exploration hosted by Wildland's Galapagos Program Director Sherry Howland. Experience the exotic and bizarre wildlife of this enchanting and fragile archipelago aboard the elegant catamaran Athala and at the eco-luxurious Galapagos Safari Camp!

Turquoise Coast Odyssey Anniversary Adventure

Join one-and-only second departure of our Turquoise Coast Wildland Anniversary Adventure to Turkey and celebrate 25 years of 'Going Wild'. Wildland founders and directors, Kurt and Anne Kutay, will accompany the group in Istanbul and through Cappadocia. Returning to our roots in one of the most exotic and important countries at the crossroads between two continents, this is where Wildland began and the origins of the Kutay family heritage.

Photo by Dana AllenExploring Undiscovered Namibia

Embark on a truly exceptional Namibia adventure with Wildland Adventures' Africa Program Director Nick Bay, exploring the iconic dunes, vast deserts and canyons, expansive plains and unique desert-adapted wildlife - including an optional trip add-on to personally "meet" and interact with the resident cheetahs of the Cheetah Conservation Fund.