Welcome to our new Wild website and 25th anniversary celebration!


Kurt and Anne Kutay, Founding DirectorsFor us, it’s always been about people - both the personalized experiences we create for every individual Wildland traveler and, equally important, our respect for the host communities we visit and concern for the environments in which they live. National Geographic Adventure summed it up best in their global survey of tour companies when they ranked Wildland Adventures the #1 "Best Do-It-All Adventure Travel Company on Earth" for our spirit of adventure, quality of service, and sustainability.

Our expertise extends far beyond simply knowing a destination: ‘The Wild Style’ of travel starts with a genuine and honest relationship with you. Whether this is designing a custom romantic adventure for two, a multi-generational family trip or an active small-group tour, our destination-expert Program Directors take the time to listen to each traveler in order to create the best possible experience for you. In practice, it’s about crafting creative itineraries that fit your travel style, interests, abilities and budget.

Only then can we deliver the most profound and valuable benefits that travel can provide: experiences that embrace our humanity and raise our awareness to care for others and our Mother Earth. We allow time to slow down, reconnect with ourselves and our travel companions, and to fall in love again with nature. With generous support from trip participants, our Travelers Conservation Trust program has fostered many local conservation initiatives and community development projects in host countries where we travel.

Our guides often comment how they prefer Wildland travelers because they find our guests friendlier, more inquisitive, experienced travelers who appreciate the spontaneity and serendipity that arise experiencing daily life outside the routine of a guided tour: joining an Indian family in their home for lunch in Varanasi, giving away soccer balls on family trips through Costa Rica, participating in a Maasai rite of passage, or an overnight in a village home in Turkey. These personal encounters help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, and a new perspective in which the timeless truths of travel become truly transformational for travelers and our hosts. 

At Wildland Adventures, sincerity, good faith, and genuineness are all part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our world and the people and cultures we share it with. We’re devoted to helping you experience the world with the honesty and affirmation that your choice of Wildland Adventures implies — a real world without artifice, that craves our understanding and compassion rather than our judgment; a world that seeks to welcome us rather than entertain us.

It all starts with “Hello!” We hope you enjoy exploring our new web site and look forward to helping plan your next Wildland Adventure.

Keeping it wild,


Kurt and Anne Kutay
Founding Directors