October 5, 2013 - Wild Isthmus of Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua


October 5, 2013 at 10am: Join Wildland Adventures President Kurt Kutay for a live presentation on the Wild Isthmus of Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua at the Savvy Traveler in Edmonds, WA.  In addition, Kurt will be joined by long time Costa Rica guide Onik Morrison and Wildland Central America Program Director Grettel Calderon.

The presentation will streamed live video here Oct. 5th at  10AM PST

Home to an astonishing abundance of tropical flora and fauna, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua are a mecca for nature and adventure travelers. Join Wildland Adventures Director Kurt Kutay, who worked for the Costa Rican National Park Service, on a guided exploration of spectacular images through the Central American isthmus filled with white-water rivers and waterfalls, tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, mountain cloud forests, coral reefs and indigenous cultures. Home to rare and exotic wildlife, travelers can see monkeys, sloth, sea turtles, caiman, poison arrow frogs, macaws and toucans, colorful butterflies, and amazing nocturnal creatures. Kurt will share his knowledge of the best ecolodges, the most beautiful beaches and show you how to get around, and how to best plan your personal adventure to fit your time and budget. Discover why Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua have gained worldwide acclaim as premier eco adventure destinations.

If you are planning on coming to the seminar at the Savvy Traveler you can register for this here: Savvy Traveler Travel Seminars

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Special Guest:

Onik Morrison - Natualist and Multisport Guide
Onik has been involved in biology since she was a young girl, she grew up in large 5 acre forest/residence near Santa Ana, Costa Rica, building tree houses and swinging on vines. That led to early childhood activities such as gymnastics and an undying fascination with nature. Lately she finished her B.A. degree in Biology and she is now studying towards a Master’s degree with an emphasis on Environmental Interpretation and has a special interest in birds. In the intervening years, she has had the opportunity to travel and often camped in, almost every corner of Costa Rica. Her travels also include Asia, Europe, Africa and the wonderful Galapagos Islands. Her pastimes are music, dancing of course soccer.