New Rules for How to Pay Reciprocity Fee for Entering Argentina


The fee that Americans, Canadians and Australians must pay when they enter Argentina (Jorge Newberry and Ezezia airports) can presently be paid upon arrival. In the future passengers will have to pay the fee on-line. If one arrives in Argentina without showing proof that the fee was paid he/she will not be able to enter Argentina.

For passengers arriving at EZE on/after December 29, 2012 the fee MUST BE PAID ON-LINE. (This will affect international travelers entering Buenos Aires.)

For passengers arriving at AEP on/after October 01, 2012 the fee MUST BE PAID ON-LINE.

The payment can be made at the following website.  Click on the American Flag in the upper right hand corner to turn to language to English: 

Travelers who have paid the reciprocity fee in the past need not pay it again with 10 years or the life of the passport. Contact Argentina Program Director Kirsten Gardner with any questions.