Jordan's Jewel: A Trek to Petra



In June 2010, Wildland Adventures was one of the sponsors of a 50 mile trek from the Dana Nature Reserve to Petra led by Jordanian backcountry guide Yamaan Safady and documented by editor Peter Potterfield.

"At the top of the ancient stairs we follow a narrow defile around a sharp bend. Suddenly, we are stopped cold as we emerge into the open. There before us the exquisite carved façade of Al Deir, better known as the Monastery, perhaps Petra’s grandest monument, rises into the blue sky. It’s a stunning sight, made more so by the abruptness of it, and the fact there isn’t a human to be seen. Incredibly, we have Al Deir to ourselves. . ."

Read the rest of Peter Potterfield's story on the epic trek from Dana to Petra.

You can also watch a video of the trek to Petra produced by the Jordan Tourism Board: