Ebola Outbreak in Uganda - UPDATE


  • Authorities are halting the spread of the Ebola virus – WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Everyone known to have been in contact with Ebola victims have been isolated - WHO.
  • Health officials have created an ‘Ebola contact list’ with names of people who have had any sort of contact with those who contracted Ebola. The list now has 176 names - WHO.
  • Confirmed deaths from Ebola virus is 16 victims - WHO
  • Some of the 32 Ebola patients in isolation at a government hospital in the Kibaale district are responding to treatment and are likely to survive.
  • No new deaths since Thursday - WHO.
  • In neighboring Kenya, test results from the two suspected Ebola cases have come back negative - WHO.
  • All samples from other districts outside of the Kibaale district have tested negative for Ebola, indicating that there has been no expansion of the outbreak beyond the Kibaale district - WHO.
  • In the Kibaale district, the local health authorities are working with numerous health partners to mobilize resources and supplies. These partners include, WHO, US Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) and Medecins San Frontieres (Doctors without borders) - WHO.
  • WHO does not recommend that any travel or trade restrictions are applied to Uganda.