Current Situation of the Ebola Outbreak in Uganda


Government of Uganda Press Release:

The Ugandan Government yesterday released a press statement stating the following: “The Government of Uganda would like to assure the public that the recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus in the district of Kibaale, Western Uganda is under control and all necessary steps to treat the infected patients as well as control the outbreak are being taken. To date there have been 16 confirmed deaths from the Ebola virus. Nine of the decreased were from the one family and a further two of the confirmed deaths were accounted for by the healthcare professional that attended on the infected family and her young child. There are 36 suspected cases of infection and these patients are receiving the highest possible care and attention. The Ministry of Health, having been guided by the WHO and the CDC, is confident that this minor outbreak has been contained. Indeed at all times the WHO advised that trade and tourism remain unrestricted in Uganda. Nonetheless the Ministry of Health shall continue to be vigilant and shall monitor the situation carefully taking all necessary precautions.”

UWA Announcement:

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) said that Kibale National Park is safe and far from the Kibaale District. The authority said that the national park is functioning as normal and far from the Ebola threat.

The authority, in a statement signed by the acting ED, noted that the park was handling up to 50 tourists a day and there is no reason why the park activities and tourism should be affected by the Ebola outbreak.

As it stands:

• 16 confirmed deaths from the Ebola Virus.

• No new confirmed cases.

• People suspected to have had contact with Ebola victims have been isolated and are being monitored.

• All confirmed cases of the disease have been from the Kibaale district. There have been no confirmed cases of the infection anywhere else in Uganda.

• The Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health are confident that the outbreak has been contained.

• WHO maintain that there should be no restrictions to trade or tourism in Uganda.

• Uganda Wildlife Authority have announced in an official statement that Kibale Forest National

Park is functioning as normal and that there is no reason for tourism activities to be restricted.