Wildland Traveler Profile

Based on an online survey and focus groups many of you participated in, the following profile captures the demographics, interests and travel style of our Wild travelers:

  • Wildland travelers are looking for authentic and intimate experiences. They want experientially meaningful encounters in unique settings removed from the crowd
  • Wildland caters primarily to an affluent customer base: 35% of guests have an annual household income of $150,000 or more and 54% have an annual household income of $100,000 or more.
  • The top two styles of travel that Wildland guests prefer are small group tours of under 12 persons (71%) and private custom arrangements (59%). Our travelers want a high degree of individualized service when planning their vacation; an itinerary that meets their personal preferences, needs, travel dates, with private guide services to accommodate flexibility, make changes, dictate the pace of their trip, and make stops when they please.
  • The majority of Wildland guests typically travel with their spouse and/or partner (61%), and 48% usually travel with their immediate and/or extended family including families with young children and multi-generational travel with grandparents taking their grandchildren. Parents and grandparents indicate that Wildland experiences “pass on what matters” by connecting travelers at a deep level and participating in life-changing experiences they share with their children and grandchildren.
  • Wildland provides a “safety net” through its trip planning, pre-departure preparation, and especially via local guides that allow travelers to feel comfortable enough to let go and take a risk (even with their children) in going places and doing things they otherwise would not.
  • The most frequently mentioned references/sources cited by Wildland travelers for travel planning and selecting a tour company are word-of-mouth referrals (70%), internet search engines (59%) and travel guide books (58%).
  • The most frequently cited activities Wildland travelers feel are important in choosing their vacation are: wildlife observation/safaris (88%), cultural interaction/village visits (76%), hiking (76%), multiple activities (69%), learning about natural history (67%), and walking (62%).
  • The five factors that guests reported as most important to them in choosing an adventure travel company are our core strengths: Experience/expertise of guides (98%); Reputation of company (96%);Quality of ground operations (90%); Experience/expertise of sales staff (90%); Commitment to environmentally/socially responsible tourism practices (86%).