Southern Kalahari: Tswalu Reserve

Tswalu is a vast private reserve protecting a diversity of habitats: open Kalahari grassland savannahs are interspersed with sand dunes bordered by the Korannaberg Mountains in the background. At Tswalu there are only six vehicles with exclusive access to the entire 380 square mile reserve, just you and wildlife in the wilderness. While many of the usual game animals are found here the diversity of the habitat offers sightings of some of South Africa's rarest and most extraordinary wildlife, including the desert black rhino; Twalu protects one third of South Africa's entire remaining population.

Cheetah are easily viewed in the open savannah. Rare antelope such as roan, sable and tsessebe thrive. The impressive black-manned Kalahari lions are famed for their size and beautiful manes. There are 2 colonies of meerkats that have grown to trust people and allow close proximity for observation and photography. Apart from the more common small predators such as jackal and wild cat, unusual carnivore sightings include the elusive aardwolf, lynx, honey badger, pangolin, and small spotted genet.

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