Moremi Game Reserve

Admire the stunning sunsets from the beautiful Moremi Game Reserve.

Located in Northern Botswana, on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta, lies the Moremi Game Reserve, a dynamic and diverse region of Botswana established as a reserve in 1962 to preserve its natural beauty. The Batawana tribe, native to the area, realized that the region was unique and worth preserving, and decided to establish the Moremi Game Reserve. Including a large portion of the Okavango Delta, with its waterways and transient islands, the wife of Chief Moremi III, of the Batawana tribe, gave the reserve its name and negotiated the relocation of the tribes from the region.

Prominent geographical features include the stark contrasts between dry areas and permanent water features, as well as the largest island in the delta, Chief's Island. The dry, sandy interior of the island used to provide optimum hunting grounds for the Batawana tribe. Chief's Island is the largest permanent island of the Okavango Delta.

Wildlife run freely in the lush, swampy grasslands of the reserve.

Given the diversity of the landscape, popular methods for exploring the region are both by 4x4 and mokoro boat. While the original mokoro were hewn from ebony or sausage tree, in an effort to preserve the remaining trees of the region, many are now made of fiberglass. Private guides glide visitors through the waterways allowing for up close game viewing.

Grasslands, floodplains, palm-tree islets, forests, lily lagoons, and winding water channels combine to form a perfectly constructed puzzle in which animals wander as they please. While the thickly wooded forests are home to the prowling leopard, the abundant clay pans that fill with water in the rainy season are a favorite of the large herds of buffalo. The reserve is also swarming with giraffe, lion, cheetah, hyena, jackal, impala, and red lechwe. Birdlife is prolific and varied, ranging from water birds to shy forest dwellers. The endangered wild dog, whose numbers are dwindling elsewhere, are seen regularly in this region.

Safari experiences are one of a kind in this unique wildland where you will encounter numerous wildlife.

Although it is not one of the largest parks on this spectacular continent, Moremi Game Reserve presents insights and views even for the most experienced travelers. Its limited lodging ensures the preservation of this magnificent landscape and its inhabitants.

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