Mokoro - a serene Botswana safari experience

A quintessential experience of Botswana travel in the Okavango Delta is a peaceful ride in a traditional mokoro, or canoe. Typically made from the wood of the ebony tree, a mokoro once provided the only source of reliable transportation for the native people of the region. Even today, due to the amount of water and seasonal flooding in the delta, many people use mokoros for getting from place to place as well as for fishing and hunting game.

Gliding serenely through the reeds and water lilies of the flooded plains, lagoons and channels provides a peaceful respite from vehicle game drives and offers a water-level view of an incredible array of wildlife, big and small. From tiny colorful frogs perched on the ends of the water grass to exquisite bird-life, waterbuck, elephants and hippos lounging in a cool lagoon (from a distance), a ride in a mokoro is a wonderful opportunity to slow the pace, commune with the quiet chorus of the wildlife and become truly immersed in the rhythm of the delta.


Traveling in this manner, you experience a more personal connection to the cultural and natural environment of the region. But what makes the Okavango so special; you only have to wait for the afternoon game drive to experience the adrenaline and excitement of the world class game viewing. Ride in a mokoro on any of our Botswana safaris.