Jao Concession

The waters of the Okavango Delta wind through the lush vegetation of the Jao Concession.

With the Moremi Game Reserve lying to the east, the Jao Concession spreads across 60,000 hectares in the northwestern region of the Okavango Delta. This private concession embodies the magic and mystique of the Okavango region, with its equally varied landscapes and habitats. Its maximum capacity of 48 people ensures the preservation of this beautiful land and the myriad wildlife that inhabit the waters and grasslands.

The water levels in the Jao Concession are as ever-changing as the rest of the Okavango Delta, determining the amount of wildlife that inhabit the region at any given time. In the winter months, the savannah areas are inundated with water. Leopard, elephant, impala, zebra and wildebeest can be found in large concentrations. Red lechwe spread out across the floodplains and lion prides chase down their prey near the water. Papyrus and reed beds provide a perfect environment for sitatunga and Pel's fishing owl. Lush lagoons are also home to hippo and crocodile.

The elegant Wattled Crane are an endangered species that can be found in great quantities in this region. They are among a wide variety of stunning birdlife.

The region is also best known for its birds. Large concentrations of endangered Wattled Crane are easily spotted here. Other magnificent sightings include Slaty Egrets, Rosy-throated Longclaws, and African Skimmers.

A photographer's dream, the beautiful islands provide endless picturesque scenery. Carpets of orange river-lilies, pink water lilies, and water lettuce surround lush palm islands while tree frogs cling to the abundant papyrus. As you continue to the western side of the concession, the landscape gets drier. The largest island in the dry season, Hunda Island, has sandveld vegetation supporting many species of acacia trees and grewia shrubs.

The deep blue channels and green floodplains of the beautiful Jao Concession are a privilege to see. It is a chance to see nature at its finest.

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