Wildland Adventures Custom Trip Planning Guidelines


In consultation with you by phone or in person, we identify the feasibility and approximate cost of the itinerary in which you are interested. We share, free of charge or obligation, information about specific components such as airfares and schedules, visa or immigration formalities, seasonality, festivals or other specific knowledge we have readily available in our office. We will send you background materials such as destination information as well as accommodations, yachts, etc. we have available that relate to the components of your itinerary as we may have them outlined in our existing Trip Planners.


Tell us as accurately and completely as you can about your interests and preferences. If you know in advance, inform us of specific sites you want to visit, the level of activity you prefer (ie trekking or easy day hikes), dates and number of travel days, type of accommodations and any other details. Give us an idea for the kind of experience you want and if you have any special interests we can plan into your trip. The most enjoyable aspect of custom trip planning for us is an itinerary connecting you with our local guides and outfitters who will carry out a trip that exceeds your expectations and meets your special interests. We particularly enjoy arranging private romantic honeymoon adventures, family adventures, or private group trips to special places we may not normally use for our own small groups. It is always best if you express your ideas and possible itinerary in writing by email or fax. We can respond more confidently and decisively to your requests. For groups of three or more people at different locations, it is best if one person acts as the spokesperson to make itinerary decisions on behalf of the group and with whom we can expect to communicate.


If, based on this consultation and information we send you, you decide to have us go ahead and plan a private trip, you will authorize us to begin by sending a $100 non-refundable custom trip planning deposit by check or credit card charge. This charge is applicable as credit to your final trip cost. At this stage we need your firm dates, preferred itinerary, and accommodations. This can be done by phone although it is preferable to send it in writing by email or fax. We will make the overseas inquiries with our guides and outfitters to construct a suggested itinerary for your trip. You will receive by mail, email, or fax a day-by-day descriptions of the proposed trip, information about the daily activities and sites included, probable lodging, and a price quote for land and air arrangements, with a statement of what is and what is not included in the trip.


Should you accept the itinerary as it stands and ask us to confirm the reservations, you will need to submit a deposit of $500 per person (plus any additional deposits to hold specific accommodations) and a Reservation Form. This, plus your $100 custom trip planning fee, will be credited toward your total trip costs. Advancing this deposit with a signed Reservation Form acknowledges your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

If you decide that the prospective trip itinerary you receive requires modification we will revise the itinerary and cost and return it to you for final approval. If we capture the essence of your proposed trip on the second iteration of the itinerary, you can initiate confirmation of your trip by sending the Reservation Form and $300 per person deposit as noted above.

If after receiving the first itinerary you do not wish to pursue the trip, or wish to postpone further consideration, you and Wildland Adventures will have no further obligation. If we do not hear from you within 15 days of sending the initial prospective itinerary, we will cancel any tentative arrangements or scheduling that we may have made. We will re-quote the same itinerary for you at any time in the future at no additional charge, though we cannot guarantee cost estimates or space availability.


After we have received your $300 deposit with your signed Reservation Form, we will act immediately to secure land and air arrangements for your trip. Acceptance of a deposit is not a guarantee that we can confirm all reservations, though usually we are able to do so. Please be aware that unless you send your $300 immediately after approving your itinerary, space may become unavailable between the time we initially formulate an itinerary and when we receive your deposit to confirm reservations. In the event we are unable to confirm land and air reservations according to the proposed itinerary, or otherwise to your satisfaction, we will retain only the $50 planning fee, and refund all other moneys that are not specifically non-refundable deposits previously advanced with your permission to the airlines or overseas suppliers. Should you choose to cancel your trip for any reason, cancellation fees apply as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. We offer cancellation insurance that covers various contingencies.

After we receive your deposit you will be sent a pre-departure packet for your trip. This will include the following items which pertain to your trip:

  • Custom itinerary
  • Trip insurance application
  • Balance due invoice
  • Flight schedule/fares
  • Destination background
  • Equipment or packing checklist
  • Health and immunization information
  • Any required visa forms
  • Other materials to help you prepare for your trip


Call us toll-free any time regarding your trip and preparation for departure. We can help you recruit friends to join you, offer advice on additional extensions and help you complete any forms needed. Of course, we make any ongoing changes in your itinerary as may be necessitated by changes in airline schedules, confirmation of primary reservations that might have been waitlisted, or for the addition of more individuals to the itinerary.


Should you or a member of your party wish to revise any aspect of the itinerary that has been confirmed, it may be possible to do so. Itinerary revisions after an itinerary has already been confirmed by a $300 deposit and signed Reservation Form are subject to a $25 fee per revision. It may not be possible to confirm all requested revisions. Any costs associated with traveler-proposed changes are the responsibility of the traveler.


It is actually very easy working with us to design your custom trip. It takes effort, creativity and persistence to make reliable individual arrangements. But if you give us enough lead time, (4-6 months in some destinations) and a clear sense of your travel goals, we have state-of-the-art communication capabilities with very bright, responsive, resourceful and enthusiastic people all over the world who will participate in planning your trip. All of us are ready to make your custom Wildland Adventure a reality!