Giving Back

Travelers Conservation Trust Program: Parpacalle Community & Spectacled Bear Conservation Projects.

When you travel to Peru with Wildland Adventures, you help support either the Parpacalle Community Project or the Spectacled Bear Conservation - Peru . The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] is an affiliate non-profit program of Wildland Adventures which gives our travelers the opportunity to support conservation and help indigenous communities at a local level worldwide.

Parpacalle Community ConservationThe Parpacalle Community Project is an ongoing Wildland initiative that was developed in conjunction with residents of the Andean villages of Huanca and Parpacalle to provide a community and after-school education center for young Quechua students in this impoverished region of the Andes. It was completed in August 2009 with the help of Wildland travelers, the Jennings family in memory of their daughter Margo and is continuously supported through Wildland travelers to Peru. The center currently provides services to over 100 children and other villages throughout the Urubamba Valley are seeking to replicate a similar model within their communities. 

Spectacled Bear Conservation - Peru studies and protects the little-known spectacled bear peruAndean bear that struggles for survival in the dry forests of northern Peru where rainfall is scarce and human encroachment places them in peril. Their reliance on a small number of water holes offers an unprecedented opportunity to study the Andean bear, rarely seen in other habitats, allowing researchers to observe their behavior and gather data critical for their protection. Together with your assistance we support the installation of remotely controlled cameras to document the secretive lives of these mysterious bears Through your donations, our partner and bear biologist Robyn Appleton from Spectacled Bear Conservation in Peru, is able to expand her research and advocacy for preserving the bear's diminishing habitat. 

The video below is very rare footage of a mother and cub bear, named Laura and Martina. Interactions between mother and cub have never been filmed like this before! This footage was shot by Wildlife Media, a small, non-profit group that raises awareness and funding for important conservation projects by telling compelling stories from the natural world. More information and additional videos are posted on our Peru News page.