Villa Los Loros Lodge

Villa Los Loros Lodge is located 10 miles away from Huanipaca village below the green canopy of forest irrigated by a nearby stream. Its waters are plenty enough to raise the rainbow trout served at their restaurant along with dishes from their organic gardens for the freshest dining options. Healthy homemade food cooked in a traditional wood oven also guarantees guests warm daily bread, pizza, and other specialties. All eight of the bungalow-style rooms have wide windows with views of the snow capped Qorihuayrachina Mountain. Each has its own private bathroom with shower cabin (hot water all day), comfortable mattresses with clean linens, and blankets.

The lodge features electricity, satellite phone, music equipment, and TV Lounge on comfy couches inside while taking a rest from enjoying the abundant vegetation and frequent birding opportunities outside in the perpetually green forest ecosystem surrounding the lodge. Look up at the sky for a beautiful sight of a macaw parrot flying overhead or you might be lucky enough to spot the majestic Andean Condor with its 3 meter wingspan soaring above you.

Villa Los Loros is committed to the development of local population by training locals in quality service programs and hiring them as professional service providers; muleteers, helpers, and housekeeping. Villa Los Loros also sponsors small associations promoting local economic growth through responsible travel industry activity.