Sarah Culhane, Ecuador

From The Amazon and Galapagos: We Can Still Preserve The Planet

We had a fantastic trip. It was just incredible - I cannot say how much I loved being in Ecuador and how much the boys loved everything they saw and did. I loved the arts and crafts. The people are really friendly and went out of their way to make our time special. Seeing the birds and marine and land animals and how much they are protected really made me feel so much better about the world. We had a wonderful visit by a pod of Pilot whales who stayed with us for at least 15 minutes. It was incredible and again reinforced my faith that we can still preserve the good stuff on this planet if we set out minds to it. The rainforest was incredible - I could not get enough of the extreme size of the trees and plants and the incredible abundance of everything. Absolutely loved Sascha Lodge - the setting on the lake was perfect. The lodge was beautifully designed. We loved swimming in the lake, canoing through the small canals off the lake, and absolutely loved all the forest walks, the night walks and especially the canopy bridge and platforms. I would like to have spent at least 2 more days at Sascha. This was one of the best holidays I have ever experienced. It was a fantastic adventure!