Floreana Lodge, Floreana Island

Located in Puerto Velasco Ibarra, these ten rustic pine cabins built on lava flows where the land meets the sea accommodate up to four people with a private bath, full size bed, and a bunk bed. Enjoy the ocean view and sea breeze from the privacy of your own shaded front porch or gather with other guests to share the day's stories in the communal dining area and lounge. This simple Galapagos hotel is located five minutes walking distance from the town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra and three minutes to the loberia sea lion haul-out. Floreana Island offers an intimate look at the human history of the Galapagos, complete with pirate caves and mysterious baronesses and is an outpost on our Galapagos Land Adventure. Furthermore, it is the least populated of the Galapagos Islands and truly an unbeatable vacation getaway.