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“It’s ludicrous that this place exists and everyone doesn’t want to live here.” – Anthony Bourdain

We couldn’t agree more with Bourdain. Colombia is home to delicious food, rich cultural heritage and incredible biodiversity. Its landscapes range from vast jungles to snowy mountains and you can dive into the sea or explore ancient artifacts to your hearts content. Whether you want a luxury beach vacation or a wildlife adventure in the jungle canopy, Colombia has something for everyone. Known as “the gateway to South America,” Colombia connects the continent to central America, sharing a border with Panama and offering both Caribbean and Pacific coastline. The Andes mountain range splits the country in half so travelers can explore vast deserts and grasslands to the east and the dense Amazon rainforest to the south – an area that covers almost half of the country. You can search for jaguars and poison dart frogs with expert local tour guides or maybe you’ll even see the rare spectacled bear, South America’s only bear species. Explore the Caribbean port city of Cartagena, a World Heritage site where the sea breeze and sunsets have been enchanting visitors for ages. From colonial architecture to its modern infrastructure, Cartagena offers a vibrant nightlife, magnificent beaches and an outstanding gastronomy scene, all protected by the most complete set of colonial fortification walls in South America.

When it comes to discovering Colombia’s rich cultural heritage, the Muisca culture - one of the four advanced civilizations in the Americas (Muisca, Aztec, Mayas and Incas) – will add depth to your exploration of Bogota and the surrounding area. You can also discover the intricate gold work of the Quimbaya, trek to the Lost City high in the mountains, and explore the colonial influence in Cartagena, Barichara, and Bogota. Spend a few days staying at a hacienda deep in coffee country and learn all about the delicious coffee that Colombia is famous for – how it’s grown, harvested, roasted, and prepared. Over 70 different indigenous ethnic groups are represented in the country, along with heavy influences from Spain and Africa, which makes for vibrant and diverse areas of food, music and art scenes across the country.

Despite many perceptions of Colombia, it has had a long history of democracy and stability. While Colombia gained infamy as a center for the illegal drug trade, it is in no way the same country it was twenty years ago. In the past decade much has been done to eradicate the drug cartels and most of Colombia is now considered very safe for travelers. (To learn more see FAQ about Colombia). We offer a range of flexible itineraries, excellent accommodations, and the best in English-speaking local Colombian guides. Choose one of our Colombia trips or let us customize a trip just for you.

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