Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Offering the highest quality Amazon Jungle experience accessible from the Northern Pantanal, award-winning Cristalino Lodge is a luxury property situated in the middle of nearly 50 sq mile private reserve of pristine forest. Accompanied by expert guides, guests have ample opportunities to explore the diverse flora and fauna, hiking several different trails, ascending the 50 ft canopy viewing tower and traveling by boat (or paddling your own canoe) along the rivers. Clay deposits in the region attract several species of mammals that can be viewed from the shelter of a tree house. The lodge is only accessible via a combination of boat and van rides from Alta Floresta. Accommodations range from simple yet comfortable standard rooms to deluxe special bungalows with outdoor soaking tubs and private garden verandas. All rooms have solar water heating and biological waste treatment, which emphasizes the preoccupation with environmental sustainability.