A Constant Adventure with Unparalleled Opportunities, By Peter Kaplan

This was truly the custom trip of a lifetime!

The itinerary was a constant adventure with unparalleled opportunities to experience the Turkish culture, history and archeological ruins, exactly as we had set out to do when we called Wildland. We had extraordinary opportunities to meet local people, to use wonderful local hotels, and we enjoyed so many excellent meals that allowed a full sampling of local dishes and specialties. What really made it for our small group of long-time friends was to make last minute changes to our itinerary that allowed us to tailor the experience as it occurred.

Transportation was first class and all our guides were among the best we have ever had. Theoman was a superb guide with endless energy, great personal skills, excellent patience and a real desire to please. His knowledge level was excellent and on the few occasions when he did not know there was no guide talk or "BS" answers. Reading about the history of Turkey, understanding the fundamentals of Islam and getting a good understanding of the geography and critical location of the country is essential to fully appreciate this trip. This is a high energy itinerary!!!

An unforgettable adventure.