CGH Brunton Boatyard

The Brunton Boatyard Hotel brings colonial Cochin alive for the contemporary traveler. For what is essentially a small and intimate city resort hotel, The Brunton Boatyard possesses a remarkable sense of scale. The lobby is a vaulted ceiling of sunlight and air, framed by arches and overhung with punkahs - enormous, old-fashioned fans of Indo-Portuguese origin.

A rich and colorful history marks the corridor, once the century old boatyard of Geo. Brunton and Sons. They have recreated the splendor of the city's illustrious past, using the materials of fin de sieclé Cochin - lime, terracotta, wood and tile. All of the Brunton Boatyard Hotel's 22 rooms overlook the sea. Enjoy a soak in your tub watching the dolphins alongside the trading ships or enjoy the pool and exceptional cuisine with recipes originating from natural ingredients and spices of the region.