About Bhutan

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world, perched high in the Himalayas. Bhutan has developed the philosophy of “Gross National Happiness” where development is measured using a holistic approach of well-being, not just based on gross domestic profit. The profound teachings of the Buddhist tradition remain well preserved and exert a strong influence in all aspects of life.

Tourism in Bhutan is a unique experience with spectacular natural vistas of soaring snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and densely forested hills abounding in exotic flora and fauna. Bhutan is nestled between Tibet, Nepal and India, which assures a fascinating cultural discovery from its medieval history of feuds between warlords seen in the fortresses and castles, to the present, peaceful society. Though known as Bhutan to the outside world, to the Bhutanese the country is known as Druk Yul, and its citizens are known as Drukpas.
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