Judy Marr, Kenya

Go to learn not to change. Don't judge.

We loved everything about this trip, but the run with the bushmen was incredible and the visits to the Maasai village were great. The interaction with the people really added to the safari. The stop at the town where they were putting the art co-op together and shelter for the refugees was very interesting. We met the artists and purchased their works. They seemed thrilled that we asked each to sign and then pose with their work when we purchased it. Our Wildland guide, Stanley Omange, was the best and added so much to our experience. Throughout our safari he talked about how he grew up, his family, and his aspirations. Our friendship with Stanley turned out to be to the biggest factor in enjoyment of the trip.

Based on our personal experience on this Wildland Adventure, I recommend everyone take it as it comes and participate in everything you can. I climbed on the top of a Maasai roof to learn how to thatch even though I am terrified of heights, I ground corn between rocks, and ran with the bushmen as they hunted. None of these would I have done anywhere else but I'm very glad I did it here!

We are not at "home" where life is so different in other countries. Go to learn not to change. Accept that you will see what we consider poverty and know that it is everyday life for someone else. Don't judge.