Katharine Gallagher

Katharine brings extensive qualifications and travel experience to Wildland?s operations department, including six years hands-on event planning for groups of all sizes. She holds a Business Administration degree with a concentration in information systems from the University of Washington. It was at university that her love of travel blossomed into a fully grown obsession, inspired by the insights gained through exposure to art history. She has traveled extensively in the Philippines to visit family, and has explored Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Greece and most of Western Europe. After her most recent adventure - a Wildland trip to Egypt - Katharine was so taken with her experiences that she was inspired to join the Wildland team. She brings with her a valuable perspective, providing pre-departure trip services understanding exactly what you need as a Wildland traveler. She is also tasked to partner with our destination program directors to ensure the right information gets to our travelers at the right time and is up to date. Katharine enjoys yoga and reading, and travel of course!

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