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Experience is everything! From Argentina to Zambia, we've posted the best vignettes and images shared by our travelers which capture the real spirit of Wildland Adventures by connecting with local people, being touched by nature, awed by ancient sites, and otherwise having the best time of their life traveling with exceptional guides among family and friends!

Guest Quotes

"I want to let you know that I shopped around a few other tour companies and you were by far the most kind, personable, knowledgeable, and responsive of anyone else I spoke with. Your company's passion shows and we've already recommended you to a couple of our friends." - Christy P., San Francisco

“I was a little skeptical about taking a group/package tour since I’m a die-hard independent traveler who’s been all over the world, but I came away from this trip with a new perspective. There’s the obvious bonus of not having to plot out all of the logistics, but beyond that, I feel like I have a deeper connection to Peru and Peruvian culture because of having the knowledge of the locals to guide us and the time to explore the region. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to book another Wildland tour for this kind of trip. Having done it on my own in the Third World before, there is no comparison to the level of experience I got from this trip. The price difference between independent travel and this trip meant the difference between having a trip and having a real experience.” - J Johns 

"I have been on many tours with various tour groups (A & K, Tauck, R. Crusoe, Lindblad) but I have never been more pleased with the way every single detail was handled on this trip, with the best guide. We all loved every minute of it, and the way it was all arranged for us. Every van, driver, airplane was waiting for us. We will be happy to recommend Wildland to anyone. Thank you for a wonderful trip."  Lois Victor and the Karp family, Costa Rica Family Adventure

Guest Blogs

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Featured Guest Photos

 Photos from Frank and Patti Scofield's Wild Walking Safari in Zambia.

Photos from George Benson's trip to India

Photos from Kieth Bolling's adventures in Morocco

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